Massive Graduate & Exp. Job Recruitment for Academic Staff @ Landmark University, Omu Aran --{92 POSITIONS}

Landmark University is a private University approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria, established by World Mission Agency, which is an arm of the Living Faith Church Worldwide. 

As an apex educational institution, it is focused on teaching, learning, research, and community service by promoting a lasting culture of excellence for the advancement of humanity. In pursuit of the goal of building a strong research-based University, it seeks to employ research-active academics on regular appointment or as Sabbatical Staff from all over the world. The campus is IT - driven, which empowers every focused academic towards achieving a fulfilled career experience.

We are recruiting to fill the following positions:

SN    TITLE          DEPARTMENT           DEADLINE    
1      Prof                       Animal Science                      19/Aug/2017 
2      Associate Prof.      Animal Science                     19/Aug/2017  
3      Senior Lecturer     Animal Science                       19/Aug/2017 
4      Lecturer I              Animal Science                       19/Aug/2017 
5      Lecturer II             Animal Science                      19/Aug/2017 
6      Professor              Crop Science                        19/Aug/2017   
7      Associate Prof.      Crop Science                         19/Aug/2017   
8      Senior Lecturer      Crop Science                          19/Aug/2017
9      Lecturer I               Crop Science                          19/Aug/2017
10    Lecturer II              Crop Science                          19/Aug/2017
11    Professor               Soil Science                            19/Aug/2017 

12    Associate Professor   Soil Science                        19/Aug/2017
13    Senior Lecturer         Soil Science                        19/Aug/2017
14    Lecturer I                   Soil Science                        19/ Aug/2017
15    Lecturer II                  Soil Science                         19/Aug/2017
16    Professor  Agricultural Extension and Rural Development     19/Aug/2017
17    Associate Professor   Agricultural Extension and   
                                                 Rural Development     19/Aug/2017 
18    Senior Lecturer Agricultural Extension and Rural
                                                   Development           19/Aug/2017  
19    Lecturer I  Agricultural Extension and Rural
                                                   Development           19/Aug/2017  
20    Lecturer II Agricultural Extension and Rural
                                                   Development           19/Aug/2017  
21    Professor  Agricultural Economics                       19/Aug/2017 
22    Associate Professor   Agricultural Economics       19/Aug/2017 

23    Senior Lecturer Agricultural Economics               19/Aug/2017 
24    Lecturer I  Agricultural Economics                        19/Aug/2017                 
25    Lecturer II Agricultural Economics                       19/Aug/2017 
26    Professor  Agricultural &Biosystems Engineering                  19/Aug/2017 
27    Associate Professor  Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering 19/Aug/2017 
28    Senior Lecturer Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering         19/Aug/2017 
29    Lecturer I  Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering                 19/Aug/2017
30    Lecturer II Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering                 19/Aug/2017
31    Professor  Industrial Chemistry                 19/Aug/2017  

32    Associate Professor   Industrial Chemistry   19/Aug/2017 
33    Senior Lecturer Industrial Chemistry           19/Aug/2017 
34    Lecturer I             Industrial Chemistry       19/Aug/2017 
35    Lecturer II            Industrial Chemistry       19/Aug/2017 
36    Professor             Biochemistry                 19/Aug/2017  
37    Associate Professor   Biochemistry           19/Aug/2017    
38    Senior Lecturer        Biochemistry            19/Aug/2017   
39    Lecturer I                  Biochemistry            19/Aug/2017   
40    Lecturer II                 Biochemistry            19/Aug/2017   

41    Professor                  Microbiology             19/Aug/2017  
42    Associate Professor   Microbiology             19/Aug/2017  
43    Senior Lecturer         Microbiology             19/Aug/2017  
44    Lecturer I                   Microbiology             19/Aug/2017 
45    Lecturer II                  Microbiology             19/Aug/2017 
46    Professor                   Computer Science    19/Aug/2017  
47    Associate Professor   Computer Science      19/Aug/2017 
48    Senior Lecturer Computer Science               19/Aug/2017
49    Lecturer I  Computer Science                19/Aug/2017
50    Lecturer II Computer Science                19/Aug/2017
51    Professor  Industrial Physics                19/Aug/2017
52    Associate Professor   Industrial Physics 19/Aug/2017
53    Senior Lecturer Industrial Physics          19/Aug/2017      
54    Lecturer I  Industrial Physics     19/Aug/2017  
55    Lecturer II Industrial Physics     19/Aug/2017  

56    Professor  Industrial Mathematics                  19/Aug/2017      
57    Associate Professor   Industrial Mathematics 19/Aug/2017
58    Senior Lecturer Industrial Mathematics        19/Aug/2017
59    Lecturer I  Industrial Mathematics                 19/Aug/2017
60    Lecturer II Industrial Mathematics                  19/Aug/2017      
61    Professor  Accounting                     19/Aug/2017     
62    Associate Professor   Accounting        19/Aug/2017  
63    Senior Lecturer Accounting              19/Aug/2017    
64    Lecturer I  Accounting                     19/Aug/2017     
65    Lecturer II Accounting                     19/Aug/2017     
66    Professor  Banking and Finance                   19/Aug/2017
67    Associate Professor   Banking and Finance    19/Aug/2017
68    Senior Lecturer Banking and Finance      19/Aug/2017     
69    Lecturer I  Banking and Finance          19/Aug/2017 
70    Lecturer II Banking and Finance           19/Aug/2017

71    Professor  Business Administration           19/Aug/2017   
72    Associate Professor   Business Administration    19/Aug/2017  
73    Senior Lecturer Business Administration       19/Aug/2017
74    Lecturer I  Business Administration       19/Aug/2017
75    Lecturer II Business Administration        19/Aug/2017      
76    Professor  Economics                    19/Aug/2017      
77    Associate Professor   Economics        19/Aug/2017  
78    Senior Lecturer Economics              19/Aug/2017    
79    Lecturer I  Economics                    19/Aug/2017      
80    Lecturer II Economics                     19/Aug/2017     
81    Professor  Sociology               19/Aug/2017     
82    Associate Professor   Sociology  19/Aug/2017  
83    Senior Lecturer Sociology      19/Aug/2017      

84    Lecturer I  Sociology             19/Aug/2017
85    Lecturer II Sociology             19/Aug/2017
86    Assistant Lecturer     Economics        19/Aug/2017  
87    Principal Assistant Registrar (Academic Planning Office      19/Aug/2017  
88    Senior Assistant Registrar (Admissions Office)                    19/Aug/2017  
89    Assistant Registrar (Human Resource Management)          19/Aug/2017  
90    Assistant Registrar                                          19/Aug/2017     
91    Senior Assistant Registrar                               19/Aug/2017     
92    Business Development Manager                      19/Aug/2017

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should: Click here to apply online:

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